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Cruising in the city

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Tibor Sziládi-Kovács

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Founder of and Kutybarát Magazine

I grew up in the countryside, dogs were always a huge part of my life, even in my childhood. Being one of the founders of Kutyabarat . hu and also a dog owner, I find it very important to promote the importance of responsible dog ownership widely. That is our goal with Kutyabará We have created this platform to share our own and also other's experiences so that we can help as many dog owners as possible with tips and ideas of how to spend more quality time with their dogs. Education related to urban dog breeding is also of special importance to us, which is one of the reasons why we have launched our "The Poo Fairy Doesn't Exist" campaign. I believe that dog owners and "non-dog owners" can live side by side peacefully in the city as well, respecting each other. All they need is a little attention, information and mindfulness.
As an Urban Ambassador for Musher, I would like to draw attention to the importance of proper and safe equipments for dogs living in the city, since it is just as important as using a poop-bag or being aware of the meaning of the yellow ribbon.