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Basically, it's an obstacle running sport with your dog. You run together on a designated track, tied together with a leash. The task is to complete the distance according to running race rules together. Rules are simple: the dog must run in front (over 95% of the track minimum), and there must be a taut leash between the duo whose one end is on the master's belt, the other is connected to the dog's harness.

Zoltán Hummel

"HummelCanicross" Zoli is a two-time Europe champion, he won the athlete of the year award twice at the national competitive sports association, and he's also a five-time Hungarian Canicross champion.


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Bikejöring is a type of sledding, the dry weather sister to skijöring and skatejöring, wherein one dog pulls our bicycle on a designated race track while tied to the bike with a leash. Rules are simple: the dog must run in front (over 95% of the track minimum), and there must be a taut leash between the duo whose one end is on the master's bike, the other is connected to the dog's harness. Speed is determined by the duo's collective performance. Bends in the track must be tackled by the dog to the master's commands.

Sebestyén Both

He is a multiple musher champion, one of the cornerstones of the "Musher family" - literally.


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Mushing is a sled competition you participate in with dogs specifically bred for this activity. These are: the Alaskan Malamute, the Samoyed, the Greenland Dog and the Siberian Husky. Sledding imitates the Northern people's sled dogs' work in a competitive environment. This sport requires true teamwork, as the master has to control at least two dogs.

Gerald Schinzel

Austrian musher who got "infected" by the Huskesy fever more than 30 years ago. He, along with his dogs Tami, Sita, Lindsey, Roxy, Zoe, Pia, Ares, Inka, Snoopy, Togo, Snow and Ricco, have been winning a great number of mushing competitions.


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Exactly what it sounds like: scooting. To be more precise: it's field scooting with a dog. In the competitive category, a racer on a scooter completes the specified distance with one or two dogs in a way that the dogs are connected to the scooter's front with a 2.5m leash. The racer drives the scooter forward with their leg while the dogs are pulling it.

Dénes Paku

I am a so-called race-fanatic, I love all sports. Why should dog sports be an exception?


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Skijoring comes from the Norweigan word skikjøring, or 'ski driving', which refers to the sport of skiing using your dogs to pull you along. The sport is like sledding, only with skis instead of a sled. So, if you don't have a team of sled dogs to band together and enjoy mushing, you should try skijoring instead! Performed on flat ground, skijoring is much like cross country skiing, only with a bit of help from a canine companion. Skijoring can be practiced with one dog or use many dogs. Skijoring can be done comfortably for up to 3 dogs, and you will be able to go much faster on longer routes if the dogs are pulling less weight. Your weight should factor into how many dogs you use, as if you are pretty light, you may find yourself traveling too fast for comfort with many dogs.

Training for skijoring dogs involves resistance, speed, and obedience training. You will need a dog harness, a skijoring belt, a tug line, dog boots, and ski equipment to start skijoring.

Violaine Grau

Swiss, professional musher. Several times Swiss champion in skijöring, 2019 WSA skijöring World Champion and WSA Vice World Champion mid-distance 2023.